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In the fulfillment of any vision, a whole lot hangs on leadership. The quality of leadership we provide, or fail to provide, in the pursuance of Divine objectives will determine if the Heavenly vision will be realized, maximized, averagely accomplished or all together aborted.

Understanding this centrality of leadership in fulfilling Divine mandate, it is imperative that Christian leaders learn how to lead effectively, by understanding and engaging the components that lie at core of effective leadership.

This course equips you with that understanding and shows you how to practically engage the process that sets you on the path to maximizing God’s vision for your life and for the lives of those you lead.

Note: This course is presented as delivered in a live classroom in order to, as much as possible, preserve the atmosphere under which it was taught.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the centrality of leadership in fulfilling Divine agenda
  • Learn the core of effective leadership
  • Learn to engage principles that will grow your leadership and impact

Course Content

Total learning: 4 lessons / 3 quizzes
  • Effective Leadership  0/7

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  • RonaldR

    Very Encouraging

    Instills confidence that anyone who is willing can grow and continue to increase their leadership qualities to the maximal fulfillment of their God-given vision
  • FemiR

    Very practical!

    A great course indeed! Removes the rocket science approach to leadership and boils it down to the most essentials!


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