Life Paradigms Seminar (LPS)

Life Paradigms Seminar (LPS)

Change your people, change your organization

Life Paradigms Seminar is a training program specially developed to produce enduring, transformative change in individuals, systems and organizations by changing the inner perspectives that drive external, observable behaviour, thereby raising highly motivated and effective individuals with capacity to maximize personal and corporate potential, growth and productivity.

The Innovation Course (TIC)

The Innovation Course (TIC)

Take your organization outside the box!

Organizations that no longer TIC fossilize! Systems that no longer TIC become relics! When individuals no longer TIC they soon become irrelevant in the scheme of things.
If TIC is this important, then it’s imperative you know exact what it is. The Innovation Course (TIC) by Synergistic Solutions is a full hands-on training on personal and corporate innovation. It inspires and challenges participants to not only explore existing possibilities, but also create opportunities where they never existed before.

Global Paradigms & Strategy

Global Paradigms & Strategy

Stay ahead in a fast changing world!

When paradigms change, everything is radically rearranged and everyone has to start from the beginning—well, almost everyone. There are a few who have learnt to see change long before it comes and develop winning strategies to harness and profit tremendously from the inevitable.
Global Paradigms and Strategy is a course carefully developed for high profile leaders and organizations, to keep them light years ahead of the competition in planning, strategy development and execution.

Kairos Time Management

Kairos Time Management

Maximizing opportunities by understanding timing

Different seasons present different opportunities. However, the extent to which these opportunities are maximized will depend on your understanding of the season when it arrives, and the systems you have put in place before the season arrived.
Kairos Time Management (KTM) is an unconventional form of time management training that helps leaders understand and manage diverse seasons, and profit maximally from the opportunities that come with them.