Marketplace Ministry (Study Manual & Audio Teachings)




God’s Change Agents

You are the salt of the earth…. You are the light of the world- Matthew 5:13,14

God uses people. He ordained them to be salt and light to the world, His co-laborers for achieving His purposes. To deliver Israel from Egypt , rebuild the temple, fulfill prophecy, convert Nineveh, save the world, or write Scripture, God used people. They are Hi s change agent for transforming peoples and places, cities and villages, organization and nations.

But God’s change agents must be strategically positioned and empowered to fulfill His purpose. Like salt which must enter a tasteless or rotten environment to work, and light which must shine in darkness, they must permeate society.

God is mobilizing all of His people to reach a lost world. He  is changing unbiblical perspectives of believers who see themselves as “lay “ people , living separate “spiritual” and “secular” lives. He is redefining “ministry”, “minister”, “full time”, “a man of God”, and other exclusive terms that have sidelined many kingdom laborers. He is raising a new generation of ministers who will reach the world from their platforms in the marketplace. They will take church out of church and carry it to the various corners of a dark world – to people in businesses, government offices, arts and entertainment, the media, education etc. they will be deeply spiritual and thoroughly professional, biblical and practical. Their minds will be full of heaven, but they will manifestly relevant on earth. Their ministry will bring the light and power trapped in the church out of the corner into every facet of society.

That is what MARKETPLACE MINISTRY is about – how all of God’s people can take their place in different spheres of society, and fill the earth with the good news of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.