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    Is it possible that believers will give money for the word of God and the advancement of His kingdom, only for such funds to be wasted on things with no direct bearing of the gospel of Christ?

    The shocking answer is Yes!  “Wasted Offerings”, we uncover an ancient example in the Bible where the offerings of God’s people were misappropriated and diverted to selfish ends. We believe this situation exists today, it is the responsibility of prudent kingdom investors to ensure that they do not sow among thorns, nor use their money to fund the frivolities of our time.

    This little volume is more than a book: it is a burden. Since kingdom advancement is fuelled by kingdom resources, time has come to realign God’s resources to God’s agenda. Divine provision must be expended on divine priorities. “ Wasted Offerings” will help us learn  how.

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    In a sight and sound generation driven by the digital revolution, we must determine criteria for our media diet. We cannot afford to just swallow everything from websites and satellites, tubes and tabloids!   The only reliable way to do this is to discover God’s opinion about the media and His opinion is revealed in His word.

    WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS is a timely revelation of God’s position on the most influential tool on earth today: The Media. We will be wise to receive divine wisdom in a gullible generation.

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    There is a place where the stars are not pure, where the brightest of the heavenly constellations is considered dim relative to the blazing brilliance all around.

    There is a place where even angels make mistakes-a place where those incredible, dazzling creatures of light are charged with error!

    And someone – unbelievable as it may sound – you and the rest of humanity just might be headed that way. But as you will learn from the amazing stories in this book (Allison Berry’s and others), there is hope.

    Open the pages of this juicy little bundle and let the discovery begin.

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